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Music is our life and we treat all stringed instruments like the heavenly vessels they are.Combining beautiful tone and smooth playability with the latest in pickup and preamp design is a hallmark of this impressive collection of instruments.

Vintage Kramer Guitars For Sale Vinage Kramer Guitars - No Gibson Kramers On This Page Please notate that these are not sold painted with any of the copy written designs.Thompson Guitars, Ted Thompson, Northwood Guitars, Collings guitars, John McQuarrie, Sawchyn Stringed Instruments, Ukulele, Fluke, the magic Fluke Company, Uke-Brand, Legend Guitars, Acoustic Bluegrass mandolin florentine f-5 f-4 harp, schertler pickup, bluestick pick-up, Mcintyre Pick-up, folk music, folk lore, ballads guitar jumbo, orchestra.

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Yamaha Electric Acoustic Guitars for Sale in Toronto

Our staff members are not just office people who sit in a cubical all day.For new guitar players and old pros alike, the excitement of trying out new gear can motivate you creatively and technically.He has often lectured on the subject, and has written several influential articles on various aspects of the guitar building art, most notably about tonewoods, and about the voicing and bracing of acoustic guitars.

Zager Guitars | Zager Easy Play Custom Guitars

Kiesel Guitars - Custom Guitars & Basses, Made in the USA

Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution.

Takamine Guitars Worldwide

Check back frequently as new items will be periodically added or changed.Steel Guitars of Canada (SGC) is the premier provider of pedal steel guitars in Canada and worldwide.

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I went to Brickhouse Guitars and Pianos looking to purchase a new digital piano.When taking guitar lessons for the first time, there are many types of electric acoustic guitars from Yamaha Canada and other manufacturers that work very well and are at very affordable price points.At Southpaw Guitars you will find a knowledgeable friendly sales staff to provide Service, Assistance, and Guidance as you purchase your Dream Guitar.

We build the Little Sister - The ultimate electric parlor guitar.As a custom guitar builder, Jay crafts everything from the classic dreadnought guitar to the one-of-a-kind 6 string Baby Bard (with a baritone uke-sized body) in a wide selection of tonewoods.Factory Buyout Clearance Sale - We just bought out ANOTHER MAJOR FACTORY.Les Paul Models SG Models ES-Style Models Basses Designer Models Gibson Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars Super Jumbo Models Square Shoulder Models Round Shoulder Models Small Body Models Songwriter Models.

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We also offer a large selection of used Classical Guitars for sale.Definitely the best experience I have had in a music store in recent.

Guitar Kits - Guitar bodies and kits from BYOGuitar

Dana Bourgeois - Fine Handmade Acoustic Guitars by Dana

We have worked with our supplier for many years, making sure we provide our customers with the highest quality products.

The pre-owned guitars in this section are listings with us, sold on commission.Guitar Kits BYO takes pride in providing you with a BETTER guitar kit.The Canadian Guitar Forum, your home for high end gear, trading and information on guitars, amps and effects.From wood to components and all aspects of fit and finish, we maintain the utmost in quality.

Takamine Guitars :: G-Series Guitars

Drop-dead gorgeous, effortlessly playable and wonderfully resonant.

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Handmade Acoustic Guitars for Sale Ukuleles | Lichty Guitars

Electric guitars have come full-circle for rock, country, blues and countless other styles of music.We do not, however, accept every pre-owned guitar offered us.All instruments offered with a 48 hour, no questions asked approval period.


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